Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Ink pen, charcoal and graphite in VAPD

I have just been so lazy lately with drawing and art lately. I've had some really good things in terms of inspiration over the past few weeks, but as soon as I put pencil to paper I just lose it.
I'm lacking energy in everything: art, guitar, school, exercise. Especially school & exercise. I've been sick 3 weeks in May alone - from 2 or 3 different illnesses - and I feel so bored and lethargic and fat. I've only been to school 4 days over those 3 weeks, and I haven't been to the gym in a month or so. That's BAD. I had a viral cold and my monthlies for a week and a half, was on antibiotics and then just as I was starting to get better I got a tummy bug that started from my little cousin - and it's been attacking the whole family.

Basically, this afternoon I decided I was going to combat this artistic impairment. I told myself: just draw something. Muck around with mediums and texture and imagery. It doesn't matter what you freakin' do. JUST DO SOMETHING.

This isn't good by any standards. I just thought I'd post it to keep motivating myself. SO: I am soldiering on. Which is technically kind of a play on IMT's theme of "warrior" this week. I know. Tacky. But oh well.


  1. That's the warrior spirit! Lovely drawings (both posts) and we ALL go through slow times artistically. I just got over a 2 year slow-burn until I created a blog which for me has helped. Your artwork and writing is exceptional!

  2. Even your pencilly tired jottings are beautiful and, to someone like me who could not make a straight line either straight or attractive,awe inspiring. You are so talented but anyone who has been ill, as you have been for such a long time, would be hard pressed to find enthusiasm for any pursuit. Look at my blog(daydreamer) under warrior to see what activity HAS been going on in your body and you'll see why you have been listless. Get well soon and keep up your wonderful art.