Tuesday, 2 June 2009

"Venus" Linocut Print

Linocut print 2 /3 (so far). Approx 30 x 30 cm.

In my art class at school we have been creating artworks that revolve around the human body. One task we have had to complete recently is designing our own simple linocut prints of a size of approx 30 square cm (1 square foot); obviously featuring the body or body parts.

I researched Linocut printing on Wikipedia and apparently it's a modern and cheaper adaptation of the comparatively ancient woodcut printing. So there you go. It's an altered ancestor.

I'm truly sorry that this has nothing to do with one of my beloved oldies, it's simply that at a time like this - one when I've got no inspiration - when I still want to participate in IMT I have to twist things a bit. I think this printmaking exercise has really combatted my creative block.

I love lino printing now. It's awesome fun. The designing, carving the block, inking and printing. Well. I love it all except for the cuts I've gotten on my hands from my own stupidity at times. Hem-hem. I really want to keep making lino prints. I'm going to Eckersley's to buy my own pieces of linoleum and some carving tools, block ink and rollers. AND good paper, of course.

This is one of the best prints I've gotten thus far from the linocut I've designed. Print number 2 / 3... thus far. It's inspired by the Venus di Milo.


  1. Very cool take on the theme- sounds like an interesting art process. It certainly lends beautifully to your work!

  2. Terrific, Sarah. And I like the take on the prompt--an altered ancestor of an art technique is a unique approach. As a biology teacher A+ on the anatomy and using an antiquity as inspiration--nothing can top that! Keep up the great work--you are an inspiration to me!

  3. Hi Sarah,

    I love your print! I'm also an artist working with lino prints in Texas. The process is addictive. Keep up the good work!

    bobbi c.