Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunny's Cafe

On Saturday, Mum and I went into Newcastle for a while and what was originally intended as being a quick run in for art supplies soon turned into a long, yet really fun day. One of the highlights was having lunch at Sunny's Cafe, in Islington.

Sunny's is an organic vegetarian and vegan cafe, who do serve gluten free meals. All the ingredients are bought locally, so you know they're fresh (and you can certainly taste it). The eggs used in the restraunt are free range and come from the Tilligery area, not too far away.

The restraunt is owned and run by a lovely lady named Amanda, who is a vegetarian herself. She happily chats to you as she gets her many tasks done, and you can really tell she has a passion for what she does. The atmosphere is really cozy, calm and you immediately feel at home. There's music playing softly in the background and a number of rotating works on exhibition by local artists, which you are able to purchase. The restraunt also does catering and cafe hire!

So now on to the best part: THE FOOD.

The meals are scrumptious, and even meat-eaters (like my Mum) who dine in are amazed at how fresh and tasty Sunny's cuisine is. As a vegan, it's nice knowing that I can get a delicious meal pretty fast, either dine-in or take-away, at Sunny's. There is a set menu, but also a variety of specials so there's plenty of variety. The lunches mum and I had were on the regular menu.

Sun Pocket Wrap - vegan style

I had the Sun Pocket Wrap vegan-style (the vegetarian version of the meal has cheese), which was very yummy. The salad in the wrap was so crisp, and really complimented the lentil patty and hummus (all "home-made" :D) which were just to die for. Seriously.

"The Feast" - vegetarian

My Mum, who is neither vegetarian or vegan, really enjoyed her "Feast" of Tilligery eggs, fried vegetables and salad; with a side plate of avocado on multigrain toast that I did not photograph. She also really enjoyed her coffee. All the coffees and teas at Sunny are fair trade too :)

I would have loved to try one of Sunny's fresh juices or a smoothie, but I was a bit full after my meal. I had a Phoenix organic cola with my lunch, which was really nice. Next time the juice is on the agenda.

Long story short, Sunny's Cafe is great! If you are in Newcastle - regardless of whether you eat meat or not - definitely rock up at Sunny's for a good meal, or even a quick coffee.

Sunny's Cafe logo
Sunny's Cafe:
86 Maitland Road,
Islington, NSW

Phone: (02) 4962 1304

Open Wednesday - Sunday.
Wednesday : 9am - 4pm
Thursday : 9am - 4pm
Friday : 9am - 3pm
Friday (night) : 6pm - 9pm
Saturday : 9am - 3pm
Saturday (night): 6pm - 9pm
Sunday : 9am - 4pm

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