Wednesday, 27 May 2009


Ink & pen on paper

The original photograph I took this from was from one of those ads by Dove for "anti-aging" cremes and stuff. Basically, they don't photoshop the models and etc.

As part of art at school we're doing the human body. I'm out of class for a week or so, this was left on the drying rack and some year 8 kid/idiot decides to draw something just LOVELY on the back of this.

I don't have any opposition to phalic elements in art, but it totally ruined my ink work and I was forced to abandon it. GRRR. I covered it up with a package of mix CDs my friend made me for my birthday :)

To be honest, I'm guessing it was a male. There just seems to be something with boys at that age where they draw dicks all over everything. It's never really girls. The guys just seem to do it, and whatever they draw isn't necessarily a glorifying depiction haha.

Long story short: I'm pissed off, and off school again for this second time this month with a tummy bug (before it was a viral cold). So who knows what else of my work is being destroyed by the little non-elective-art vandals.

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