Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Where Is My Motivation?

Today I've been feeling rather off: physically and creatively - although the latter's been more frequent as of late. I need some serious inspiration and I need it now, though Inspire Me Thursday is good for a weekly dose.

We've just started a new term at school 2 weeks ago, so it's been pretty draining getting back into the gist of things, especially after having an exceptional two week school holiday break. I'm finding it harder to concentrate, and then there's the whole assessment crap coming up yet again. And I've been a bit sick the past couple of days, but nothing to really complain about. Just your average change of seasons drama I suppose.

It's taken me a while, but I'm really starting to get into photography. I just take pictures of things that interest me, and things that I think are beautiful. Today while I was trying to take photos of broken flowers - killed by the recent late Autumn rains - floating on top of the water in my pool, I found I wasn't being met with much success. Instead, I came to find just how cool the light patterns were on the green-coloured water and the shapes they created.

So being under the influence of hands - as I have been lately - I stuck my hands out in random gestures over the water and photographed them. These images above haven't been edited at all. I was quite happy with how they turned out.

2B & 4B graphite in home vapd

Also, on the advice of my awesome fibre/visual artist friend Nadiah (who you most likely know as the creative mastermind and entrepreneur behind LeArmoire) I've decided to continue my venture into abstract figures, but like the half-drawn, work-in-progress lady above. I'm not sure where it will take me, but I would like to - for the moment - draw these figures in distorted, yet real-life situations. It'll be nice to start depicting different things to my usual subject matter as well.

Also, I'd like to get into more sites like Inspire Me Thursday. I tried doing something for Illustration Friday once, but I couldn't post my link on their site. That was a bit of a downer. If anyone knows of any similar sites or blogs that deal out prompts, I'd really appreciate the information :)


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Your hand photos are wonderful- photography is endless for inspiration! I just downloaded Photoshop Elements and it has opened up a new world for me creatively- you can download a free trial version - I recommend it highly. Also, you might try Mixed Media Monday as a challenge site - your art work would be a wonderful addition!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about feeling off. Every time that happens to me, I am constantly looking for something to inspire me, and it happens when I would least expect it, and from the most unlikely sources.

    I'm so glad you are going to continue the abstract figures! I really love the one you are doing so far, I can't wait to see how it turns out. It's quite a brilliant idea, if you ask me. :)

    I just checked Mixed Media Monday out, and it is pretty rad. Here's a link!


  3. Thanks Lori & Nadiah,

    I really appreciate the advice and help!