Saturday, 25 April 2009


Inspire Me Thursday's prompt this week is "Push". Here is a photograph I took, and a few thoughts...

Pushing For War

Why is it that after society has witnessed 2 World Wars and thousands of other harrowing battles - in rapid succession, too - that we still push for bloodshed when our nations dispute. Is it still patriotic? Is it still viewed as being romantic? Or is it still just the idea of asserting one's power?

I appreciate what my country's men have done for me, but only when there was an actual threat, when Australia was really in peril. Happy ANZAC Day, all the same.


  1. I thought you were American till I got to the last paragraph. I know how you feel about war and how unnecessary it all is. I am hopeful that with a man like Obama we will not have to push so hard for peace!

  2. Brilliant thoughts and photo for this theme! It's very true that we see our nations pushing and pulling to maintain a friction point rather than releasing for peace. I liked the theme for this week -it was a bit more thought provoking- stretching our artistic limbs!