Sunday, 12 April 2009

flickr! (+ inspiration)

I gave into temptation and signed up for a flickr account :D

Check it out.

Also, right now I am feeling very inspired with everything...
With art - I have two new art books, one on Brett Whiteley and one which documents some of the most prominent female artists of the 20th & 21st Centuries.
With music - I'm learning new songs and styles on guitar, frequently, and I've started singing again with some encouragement.
With school - I'm doing quite well and I aim to keep achieving. I'm studying more than I ever have.
With home - I am actually motivated to clean my room and dispose of the clutter that has accumulated over... a long while. Also, I am going to learn to cook my vegan meals :) It's about time I learnt to cook!
With my body - I am exercising and have the determination to exercise for life. My mum and I go to Curves 3 times a week and now we're looking at doing good ol' Belly Dancing once a week as well. I do believe it is time to dust off the treadmill that is lounging, dormant in our living room.


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  2. ^accidentally posted under my moms account. haha.

    anyway. It's awesome that you are feeling inspired. I am getting there right now also. I hope I don't lose my inspiration anytime soon. It's a huge downer. I really need to work on maintaining inspiration.

    What sort of new guitar techniques are you learning?

  3. lol that's ok

    I've been learning new all new chords and I'm picking up jazz techniques and stuff like that. It's quite interesting :)