Sunday, 25 January 2009

Random Man + a rant

"Random Man" (acrylic on canvas, 14 x 18")

This was a piece I did yesterday just fiddling around. I didn't sketch it up on canvas, but I feel that it turned it reasonable enough. It's meant to be a man, but alas whenever I randomly create something (ie: not drawing/painting etc from a photo) it always turns out androgynous.

From this simple little exercise, I have gained a bit more confidence in portraits and so I think I may attempt to paint a portrait from a photo... sketched up on canvas first, of course.

I'm rather pissed off that I have to work today. Well, perhaps not pissed off, but slightly disgruntled. The last day I worked was Tuesday, so I've had four wonderful days to paint and draw and write... and blog. They have me on a 7 hour shift, which isn't necessarily the longest they've put me on, but when it's doing two different things (one of which I absolutely abhorr) it kind of gets dismal. I have three and a half hours of cash registers, then a half hour break followed by three hours of recovery. Recovery is awful. Basically, we're cleaners, picking up any goods which have fallen on the floor and rearranging stock to look good. My section for recovery is in apparel (clothing) as well, so at the end of the day, my section is utterly, utterly trashed. It's hard and I don't find this type of work rewarding at all, partly because I don't feel that I can complete ALL the tasks they set us within the designated 3 hour shifts. They make a long list of requirements, but you just can't meet every single one of them. It's ridiculous, and I'm not the only one that struggles with it.

To be quite honest, I'm thinking of asking the apparel manager if I can work in another section - preferably hard goods (ie: Kitchenware, Small Appliances etc.) - which I feel I can complete thoroughly after rushing through it as I'm used to in apparel. There was a stage in which I was pondering quitting, despite only having worked there for... well, four months now. I think the better option is asking to transfer to another section, or working solely on cash registers, because the pay is good. They're understaffed as well, so I'd feel a little guilty when it would come to leaving. Also, I'd like to work there for a bit longer if only for the benefit of it looking good on my resume. Like it looks like I can hold a job, which I probably can. It's my first real job, so I suppose it's rather important how long my service was when it comes to applying elsewhere, as an indicator of my reliability and etc. And I am reliable, I've barely missed a shift in these four months, even though I did holiday for two weeks in a black-out period. I told them at my interview though, so everything was fine. I found it strange though that they rostered me on days on which I declared I was unavailable.

I'll write again later, hopefully today will run smooth enough.

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  1. I LOVE the painting!

    Where are you working? I hope they let you switch departments-people can be such assholes when they shop for clothes. You'd think people would just hang things back up...