Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Collection of Works

These are a collection of drawings and paintings I have done over the past 2 years (2007 - 2009). I've done quite a few more, but these are some I would like to show on my blog. I'm improving as I go along. I use a variety of mediums and often create a variety of mixed media works, but I haven't settled on just one yet, but I'm finding myself starting to develop a soft spot for artist's inks. I use a variety of different techniques too. I've began experimenting with palette knives as opposed to paint brushes, in fact, I've even got a substitute for a palette knife - I use a plastic cake spatula! Trust me, I'm not trained in anyway.

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Vase Series: "In Bloom", "Withering" (both: mixed media on canvas)
"Tender Age" (mixed media on canvas)

"Krist Novoselic" (graphite on paper)
"Kurt Cobain" (graphite on paper)
"Moonlight, Suicide" (graphite on paper)

"Sassy" (oil pastels and soft pastels on paper)

"Head Over Heels" (oil pastels and soft pastels on paper)

"Pollution" (mixed media on canvas)
"Them Bones" (acrylic on canvas)
"Androgyny" (artist's ink on canvas)

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  1. If you opened an Etsy shop with your art, it would kick ASS.