Monday, 26 January 2009

Education and Resignation

Today I started my eleventh year of schooling, and it's strange to be a senior. Year eleven is rather weird... this afternoon I had free "study" periods and I felt down right geeky to be in the white senior shirts as opposed to the regular sky blue for years 7 to 10. It's strange to be seen as on the cusp of adulthood and quite frankly it doesn't seem any different.

In saying that though, I'm certain that I'll soon get used to it. It seems better than the past 4 years of high school, that's for sure. This year the only compulsory subject is English, and I absolutely adore it. I'm in Advanced English, actually :)
So, basically I have every subject I could have possibly asked for. I was a little let down when I had to choose between Ancient History and Music, but hey, that wasn't enough to rain on my parade.

This year I have Advanced English, Visual Arts, Photography, Music, Business Studies and Legal Studies. All of these subjects will carry on next year, except for photography... which is a little sad. I'm very lucky for getting what I want.

I quit work yesterday afternoon, at the beginning of my shift. I handed in my letter of resignation to the store's big manager this morning, but I consulted another manager on how I should handle it. I've given them two weeks notice, which I believe is definitely ample time for a casual employee... especially when I could have walked out straight after I told them I was going to leave.

I told them I want to concentrate on my school work, which is partially true, but the truth of the matter is it's just not for me. While I do understand that it's just a part time job and most definitely not a career, I can't help but feel horrible every day I go there. I probably should have searched for another job before I left, but to be quite honest I'd rather bludge for a while.

Anyway, I will report more later. Maybe I'll open an Etsy shop to support myself in the time being, learn to make silver jewellery as I've been plotting with Nadiah (LeArmoire) and make a fortune just liker her :)

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  1. Okay, that's awesome. Cause, you know, it's only the best plot EVER!