Thursday, 26 February 2009


In my art class we've been studying Robert Rauschenberg and I'm not sure how my work will turn out. My theme for it is "Dreams & The Subconscious". In the year 12 art class (one year above us), 4 or 5 students out of about a dozen are doing Rauschenberg inspired pieces for their HSC works. I'm so scared about the HSC, but I'm planning what I'm going to do. Probably definitely not Rauschenberg. Just two and a half more terms til it all begins! But there's time to discuss that later.

Everything I'm working on at home is in a stagnant state. I haven't been painting much, or drawing. But then again I've had alot of assignment work lately. I've applied to become involved in a community art project in my area called "Art Across the Ages" which will be collabarative work between High School-aged students and retirees (Over 55's). I'd love to be a part of this as it's very open-ended and they provide all the supplies.

I will post some photos of works in progress soon, both pieces created at home and school.

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