Saturday, 14 February 2009

Prima Ballerina

"Prima Ballerina", mixed media on canvas, 14 x 18"

Another canvas for the Tender Age series. This one explores the psychological disorders that can be attributed to the stimuli of childhood. I'd estimate most women (including myself), or their daughters, have attended dance classes as a child, and so I believe the ballet slipper is a good symbol for this concept. To be the prettiest dancer, to be the most graceful and most of all to make Mummy and Daddy proud. Let's not forget comparing our immature bodies to that of our tiny, dancing peers.

Tattoo face girl is surrounded by the roots of negativity, and they've already begun planting themselves in her head as the slipper's ribbons curl around her legs, drawing her into a life of misery. I think it's pretty easy to understand.

The usual mediums; artist ink, black acrylic paint and graphite pencils. Hoorah!


  1. It's awesome! Such a great concept too. I never had dance lessons and things like that, because my parents don't really seem to believe in making your kid do that sort of thing when they don't want to. Now that I reflect on it, I think it's for the same reasons you were talking about. I hate it when parents make their kids play an instrument or some god awful team sport because they think it's builds "structure" or self esteem.

  2. Thanks! And yeah I agree. Quite frankly I think that's mild dictatorship and yeah, it can really blow up in a kids face. Though, in saying this, I think that if the parent suggests it and child agrees because they truly want to, then it's fine. I've been very lucky to have never encountered a forced hobby and there's not been that much pressure on me in life. Just to do my best at what I choose, and school lol. I think PE shouldn't be compulsory in school either, not after eigth grade. In Australia 'Personal Development, Health & Physical Education' (PD/H/PE, or just plain PE) is compulsory from kindergarten to year 10 and while I think that in theory it's a good way of making sure children participate in physical activity, I believe that it contributes as much to self esteem issues as it does to abolish these problems in both its theoretical and practical components. Change rooms suck, too. Argh.

  3. Yes, I think if the child agrees, than it's totally okay. I am also lucky to have never been forced into a hobby. Actually, when I started playing guitar, my dad showed a bit of resistance, but that just goes to show you that if you really love something, you do it anyway. I think the thing with that was, he was thinking about "rock stereotypes" and not focusing on the artistic aspect of getting involved with music. He's really supportive though, when I show genuine interest in things. So that's good. lol.

    I agree about PE. I think after a while, it's bullshit. I think after 8th grade, you can decide for yourself how much excercise you should be getting.