Wednesday, 1 July 2009

IMT: Chalk

A really slack effort on my behalf, I've been busy once again which is my usual excuse. The real deal: productive procrastination. Earlier on in the year I took this photo randomly of the chalk board in my photography class...

I totally promise I will try harder next week. I will make an effort. No more slacking off and waiting until the Tuesday or Wednesday to get something randomly done.

This is part of my 101 Things, which I'm struggling with at the moment.


  1. I just love the comment about rules--there are many but you can choose to ignore them!!! Photography is one of my favorite things and I really like this shot! I'm doing a 365 day project-one picture a day of my life for a year--this would be similar to one I might shoot! Original interpretation and nicely done!

  2. Great photo Sarah- and when I think of chalk -school comes to mind-(math class mainly)ugh! Funny how I remember a lot of teachers who could only communicate with chalk and not in person with a student- interesting memories...