Sunday, 15 March 2009

Subliminal (Rauschenberg inspired work)

"Subliminal" - mixed media on canvas, 50 x 60 cm
This is my Rauschenberg-inspired work I've done at school. It's not really Rauschenberg, but I guess you could say I stole some of his practices. Layering paint, etc. While I am fond of Rauschenberg's works and those of people who are able to use this style to their advantage, such as my friend Jacinta :), it's not really a style I would like to utilise. I think it can be very effective when approached correctly. This has turned out far too busy and involved, not to my liking at all. Oh well.

Media involved:

Acrylic paint, oil pastels, shellac, ink pen, impasto, string, and last but not least; anatomical images retrieved from the internet (the head is from Gray's Anatomy which I got off Wikipedia; the other surreal illustration is off Google Images if you search "Dreams", or the singular).

The next topic we'll be covering is Dadaism, much to our teacher's chagrin. I think it will be interesting. We briefly brushed over it two years ago, in year 9, never really to be heard of again until now.
In addition to this we're learning a little about the Heidelberg School of Art, which is a collective of European-trained artists who came to the realisation that in order to capture Australia's unique landscape they'd have to retrain themselves and develop their style once again.

And now I believe I'll post some works in progress :)

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